Thursday, May 6, 2010

hey yall,

It's been a good ten year run, but I guess I now have to do some "soul searching" in Mexico...that has been pretty much forced by parents having to move there because my grandma is ill. I am gonna go ahead and see this as not a big deal, due to my lack of purpose here, sure, I have friends or whatever, but I'd like to think that if were really friends they will use "the internet" to keep some sort of contact with me, so that if we run into each other at target whenever I come back we can chill and shit. Anyway, I am hoping to go ahead and start my life over, whole new country, no one knows me, I don't know anyone, sounds great. Maybe I'll move out of my parents future home and go to college and get job. Meet new women, who everyone says "put out" easily because "I come from America", but I think that only works for people that look foreign, and I will not in that environment. I also have a brother, whom I haven't talked to in like 8 years, it will be interesting to see how exactly I plan to build a relationship with him.

I'll probably be leaving around Mid June,don't really know. I don't want to dwell on it, and quite frankly kinda hate talking about it,again, not a big deal. For now I just want to enjoy my time here,skate, go to shows, eat decent french fries, black people(there are none there), and most of all, I want to "cuddle"(we all know what that really means) with a nice white girl while we listen to math rock in her room.