Friday, December 4, 2009


I miss having the playboy channel. my dad decided to switch to regular cable. which means I can now watch Nip/Tuck and all these other shows that weren't available on the package of dish we had. I just miss waiting until everyone was asleep, going to the living room, and watching some porn with the volume turned up just loud enough(I can't watch porn on mute, what am I, some kind of weirdo?)and would just enjoy some nice, natural masturbation. Now, this reminds me of how one time, I was taking part in this activity, when all of a sudden my sister walked in from outside, now, neither one of us said a word, since I had caught her being out at insane hours of the night for a 15 year old girl, while she had caught me in a compromising position with Lisa Ann. So who was the loser here? her, who just got caught coming home late as fuck(let me add that I didn't even know she was out) or me who got caught by my little sister well, with my pants around my ankles? well,she got into a bit of trouble for that but i think the trauma of seeing me in that situation probably scarred her for life.

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