Tuesday, December 29, 2009


You know what I notice? that about 98% of the girls I know(and that I will meet most likely) always have one trait in common, and I am making a very true generalization here, most of these girls I know/meet always feel so...self-righteous.

let's first begin with the definition of what being self-righteous is:
Self-righteousness (also called sententiousness) is a feeling of smug moral superiority derived from a sense that one's beliefs, actions, or affiliations are of greater virtue than those of the average person.

It's no secret that every girl is a hater and can never be genuinely happy for anyone else but herself(I am most certain I will get hated on if any girl actually stumbles upon this).That is fine though, that hate has been happening for so long that it's actually something that's mostly accepted and ignored nowadays, it's like saying the word "nigga"(a word that is part of my daily vocabulary), lets go back to the self righteous stuff though.

Almost all girls have this part in their brains in which somehow they are cooler(although being lame is considered cool right now, but only if you are lame in a nice quirky way), have better fashion sense(yeah man, to the thrift store, it will compensate for the $200 shoes), better taste in music(God forbid you like nickelback), better opinions(which they will let you know through their facebook statuses or twitter updates), will always look down on sluts(It's more okay to get fisted in the ass by one dude than to have fucked five dudes),"have no regrets" and "are just living life",and it is guaranteed that they are "better" than the girl their ex is now dating,etc. thats every girl you meet, dude...specially the ones I be messing with.

Every once in a while you get the girl with the normal size ego, but those are rare.so what is my point here? girls will always have a big stick riding up their ass no matter what, so I don't know why I'm even complaining(shit, I just wasted my time typing that only to come to this obvious conclusion?life=wasted).


  1. It seems as though you're mixing self-righteousness with having standards.

    Girls ARE haters. I'm a hater, but not to those who don't deserve it. I don't hate on random people... just the ones that have done some wrong to me.

    I agree with the better fashion sense thing. Wtf are some people thinking?!

    And it's good to have no regrets. I have none. What's the point in beating yourself up for the past if it's impossible to change?

  2. first off, let me state that I am excited to finally have a follower on this dead-end blog.

    while you may not hate on someone unless they deserve it, there is the majority that just simply can't be happy for anyone else but themselves.

    I have regrets. you're right, it's impossible to change things, but I like to have little reminders of times I've fucked up, so that if the opportunity to do the same type of shit happens, I can remember to do better.

  3. EXACTLY! Those aren't regrets, you loon. They're lessons learned.

    Dude I'm surprised you actually found mine... Facebook?

  4. yeah, facebook. I went on yours and you said that you had a blog on blogspot so I went to it and started following you.