Sunday, December 6, 2009

my penis hides from my ex-girlfriend.

my plans to go see horse the band were quickly put to rest by the fact that my dad made me do some work with him, that took for hours, so I couldnt leave for chicago until 6:24,which was still fine time to make the show, except that I was a bit skeptical of walking around that neighborhood at night. Last time I was there I almost ended up in the projects if it werent for some nice lady who walked with me on the right direction...then proceeded to hustle me for her bus fare in exchange. So that did not work out, so I texted tony instead so we could go eat at commander or something...luckily he was just getting out of work so it worked perfectly. We stopped at target first where I purchased a harmonica(that peter took over when i got home). Alexa was working tonight(see the girl in the picture on the previous post, thats her). It's always a bit awkward to see her and this time was no exception. I talked to her when tony was paying the check, it actually wasn't bad...i showed her my harmonica.
the title to this however comes from the fact that before we left, I went to use the bathroom, and when I took it out, it was the most shriveled up I have ever seen was as if I had just gotten out of a pool, he could sense that danger was around him.haha. but I mean, she was cool, I bet she even tried to call me to say hi afterwards, unfortunately, I have not told her of my number change yet because... SHE AINT MA NIGGA!

Then we went to borders where i read a book about why social networking sites are bad.then we went home.

I was bummed out on not seeing horse the band, but the original original plan for yesterday was to go on a date with this girl named marcella. But that got canceled because she had to work. Lately I feel like she's trying to avoid me, which could just be me thinking that, but I dont know. if she was, its a shame because she seems like a really cool girl and because I was kinda looking forward to maybe getting to know her 32DD boobs[:. oh well.

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