Friday, December 25, 2009

Mike Robz got me in the mood to listen to between the buried and me again, so I been jamming to the silent circus tonight after finally getting it...I want to download the great misdirect, but I'm afraid it will be not that good if its anything like colors was. anyway, Merry Christmas...I hope all is well.
I spent it with my family at my uncle's house, which is always boring, nothing wrong with them at all, its just that well, I hate gatherings of any sort, what?I'm not very social.

Peter enjoyed the crap santa brought him. There's really no other highlights to this, oh yeah, Tony called me, he was drunk on church wine.I always enjoy his calls because the next day I get to make up shit like "dude, you said you loved me and that you wanted to suck my dick", and he denies it with uncertainty. fun.

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