Saturday, December 26, 2009

so i made a playlist for no reason..

selling out hard. thoughts?

1.Animal Collective- "my girls"
2.Passion Pit- "cuddle fuddle"
3.Arcade Fire- "no cars go"
4.Artifex Pereo- "posture and progress"
5.Bloc Party- "this modern love"
6.The Horrors- "who can say"
7.Company Of Thieves- " the tornado song"( thinking of replacing w/"oscar wilde")
8.HORSE the band-" Cutsman"
9.Bat For Lashes- "the wizard"
10.TV On The Radio- "lover's day"
11.Explosions In The Sky- "a poor man's memory"
12.Crystal Castles- "courtship date"
13.Interpol- "leif erickson"
14.Manchester Orchestra- "alice and interiors"
15.Grizzly Bear- "deep sea diver"
16.Tides Of Man- "create couldn't keep up"
17.Dan Deacon- "snookered"

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